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It's time live your best life. Master your money!

Start  your money management journey now!

It's really tough to enjoy life when you're always worried about your money and the constant reminder of stubborn debt that causes you to put out more than what you bring in. 

Month after month, you're stuck in the same place with the same account balance.

Where is your money going?


Car loan?

Student loan?

Credit Cards?


Eating out?

You've been so tapped out and it's a never ending cycle. Living this paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and being handicap with your credit has left you feeling limited, anxious, and discouraged.  You want better but... how?

You may have a goal to purchase a home, start a business, or fund your children's education.  Or maybe you have no clue of what goals to set because your money looks funny; so you don't even know what goals really work for you.

Lately you've been...

Frustrated by having to spend all your hard earned money to catch up on your debt before you even see it

Overwhelmed and discouraged by something always “coming up” when you’re trying to do better with your money

Behind on credit cards and other lines of credit with skyrocketing interest rates wondering if it’s even possible to catch up

Needing to make more money with a side hustle that gives you more time and money to live better but you’re unsure of where to start

Tired of always trying to stretch your one-job income to cover your rent or mortgage

Doubting you can even save money because you always prioritize spending it on things you don’t need

I get it.

But this doesn't have to be your story and you don't have to stay in this place.

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"The average American has $90,460 in debt"


You're probably thinking...

“Budgeting and saving doesn’t work for me if I don’t have the right amount of money”

“Hiring someone to “fix” my credit is the best approach to get my score up”

“Come on...a side hustle won’t make me enough money”

“I can get by with my debt by covering the minimum payment”

You can totally live a debt-free life and know how to spend, save, budget and make your money. The right way. Yes! It’s possible. Will it take dedication, investing, time, and work? Definitely. But what’s available to you on the other side is priceless .



On this other side, you’ll start to make better money decisions that work for you, get clear on how your debt and credit are impacting you, start setting real goals to get to where you want to be in your savings, and finally turn your interests into easy ways that make you more money.

Aren’t you ready to break the cycle?


No longer wondering where all the money you work so hard for goes before you truly see it

Not having to stress if you’ll get approved for your next purchase because your credit is where it should be

Reducing your credit card debt from thousands of dollars to hundreds

Having a savings account you don’t have to worry about touching

Enjoying vacations with loved ones knowing that there are no outstanding bills waiting for you upon returning

Preparing for your future using a customized budgeting tool that keeps you spending and saving smart

Allow me to let you in on a secret...

you can because it's your MONEY!


It'$ My Money

Ma$ters Course


Reserve your spot to join this virtual module program that was designed to help you create a plan to get a grip on your debt, break the cycle on living paycheck to paycheck and growing your money to live more freely with the help of passive income.


Once you lock in your RSVP, you can get ready to a self- paced course where you will learn  transforming knowledge that will be customized by using your own financial information.


Each module will cover material and information followed by action steps you can take to make sure you’re getting this done right.


It’$ My Money Ditching Debt Workbook


Budgeting Envelopes


It’$ My Money 365 Day Savings Plan


Here's what you'll learn:


Ditching Debt

Are you ready to start kissing your debt goodbye? You’ve been struggling to get it under control. Now you can. In this module, you will learn and create an effective plan for eliminating your debt using tools like It’$ My Money overview debt payment tracker budget sheet. You can expect to develop a deeper understanding of how debt impacts your future and break the common myths surrounding it.

Strategically create an organization system for your bills


Establish a detailed plan of approach and method for eliminating debt


Setting a practical budget that makes sense


Participate in a robin discussion to identify previous client pitfalls

  • Organizing Your Bills


  • Setting Your Pay Off Debt Plan


  • Budgeting and Reducing Expenses


  • Round Robin Wrap Up Discussion

You will...

This module's topics


Credit Isn't Just A Number

The good news about credit? It’s not hard to build and get a high score. But in order to do so, you have to know the right information about its behavior and how it works. In this module, you will gain a logical understanding of credit, the role it plays in your day-to-day life, and the steps you can start to take for credit reconciliation.

You will...

This module's topics

Learn the components of a credit score


Discover how to access and read a credit report


Learn helpful apps and resources


Understand disputes and more

  • How To Access And Read A Credit Report


  • Components Of A Credit Score


  • Ways to Increase Your Credit Score


  •  Apps And Resources


Streams of Income

It’s your money, right? Yes! Let’s help you get it! Together, we’ll identify easy ways to start increasing the money you bring in and different options that work best for you.

You will...

This module's topics

Learn the value of compounding interest


Find ways to position yourself to request a raise


Discover over # side hustles that will bring in more bucks


How to market your side hustles

  • Ways to Save and Compound Interest


  • Earning Extra Money with Your Job or Side Hustle


The right strategy and plan to ditching debt that works best for you

Practical ways to decrease your expenses and increase the money you bring in

An effective system on how to get your bills in order

Over 20 side hustles to keep you ahead in the money game


***Now 50% Off***

Eliminate the stress and discouragement that comes with having loads of debt

Ditch the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck or mindless spending that leaves you scattered and stuck

Earn more money through multiple streams of income that pushes you towards financial freedom

Gain confidence knowing that it's your money and you have authority over it


"I was blown away by what I can do with the money I have... I have raised my score 56 points and I am credit card debt free."

"They helped me save more and pay off my credit card balances, including one card with a $6000 balance."

"I have a savings that is flourishing. I am so grateful. Patrina has greatly impacted my life."

"I have learned to aggressively saved. My savings has tripled this year."

This program is for you if...

You are struggling with debt and ready to end the vicious cycle of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”


You’re ready to actually see a decrease in the amount of debt you have and know that what you’re doing is now working


You want to increase your credit score and keep it that way for your next purchase


You’re looking to make more money to afford your next vacation, next home, investment property, or child’s education

This program is not for you if...

You’re looking for a quick fix to your money problems


You do not have an overload of debt or enough debt that you’re drowning in


You’re not willing to invest in taking the necessary steps and time to change your habits


You’re too comfortable with spending your money in meaningless ways that leave you broke and behind on bills


You’re only looking to get started in investing





I’ve been where you are...stuck, stressed, and embarrassed. I thought I was alone and the only one whose money was jacked up. But I was not and neither are you!


As a young single parent, I had gone through the constant cycle of racking up debt and spending money I didn’t have. After the final straw, I became sick and tired of consistent habits with money that left me discouraged, frustrated and overwhelmed.


I had every credit card, paying crazy high interest, no money name it.


But it wasn’t until I intentionally shifted my mindset of being more intimate with my money that I learned what it meant to truly become financially free. I became aware of both what was coming in and going out, knowing that every penny counted. My discipline and budget didn't restrict me; it gave me a sense of freedom because I had exactly what I needed for both of my needs and wants.


I decided to make the investment to apply changes that would transform, not just my money, but my life.


And I want the same for you.


Once I realized that eliminating debt, building better credit, and creating multiple streams of income wasn’t as hard as I thought, I wanted to share the knowledge with everyone, including you to have the same opportunity that I had.


I’ve taught financial workshops across the country and internationally from attendees that were in high school to mature adults.


As a certified financial instructor and someone who has been where you are, I know the master blueprint to cultivating a life of wealth and healthy money management.


I’m committed to helping you experience the freedom that is available to you. Now let’s do this!



It’$ My Money is about just that... your money. Say it with me, “It is mine and I want to be the best keeper of it. It is mine and I want to be the best steward of it. I deserve to keep what is mine and not get stuck paying overdraft fees or high interest due to a low credit score. I will save more of it. I will invest more of it. I will earn more passively. My money will work for me, not work for it. My goal is to help you take power in owning that it’s yours and becoming intentionally better with how you work your money. It’s not about being perfect but about staying committed regardless of how you feel or what others may say. You can take authority over your life and situations now.